Skydiving in Interlaken

Skydiving in Interlaken is the best site to fulfil your dream of skydiving, if that is something you have always wanted to do. Interlaken is regarded as the most popular location for the high-intensity activities because of its captivating views of the Swiss Alps, Lake Brienz, and the breathtaking mountains. The city of Interlaken is home to numerous locations, including the Swiss Alps, where one can engage in various diving activities to get their heart pounding. It is impossible to adequately express the excitement of taking in the stunning views of the Alps from a high height combined with the rush of free fall. Additionally, Skydiving in Interlaken also provides fantastic skydiving chances for the beginners. This thrilling sport is made more enjoyable by the panoramic views of the snow-covered mountains and the azure lakes that can be seen from the top. If this is your first time diving, you can document your experience and save it as a memory for the rest of your life. Skydiving in Interlaken is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a result, if your Interlaken vacation is soon and you are anxiously anticipating your first ever skydiving experience, here is all you need to know in advance.

Book Skydiving in Interlaken

With the Skydiving in Interlaken online tickets, you cannot avoid missing this incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to skydive the Swiss Alps. Take a deep breath, exit the fully safe helicopter after ascending to a height of 15,000 feet, and then free fall over the majestic mountains. The helicopter skydive begins with starting with a video presentation, ground practise, and gearing up. Then, as you enjoy the helicopter trip, you can gaze at the stunning mountain panorama. The Skydiving in Interlaken online tickets provide you with a tandem instructor who will skydive with you into the clear Swiss skies. To make a safe landing, open your parachute and softly descend into the valley.

Why to Book Skydiving in Interlaken Online?

Why to Book Skydiving in Interlaken Online?
  • Early Access - Book your Skydiving in Interlaken online tickets at early slot, so that you can avoid larger crowds and you can spend plenty of hours in the activity as per your own desire and try to reach as early as possible to enjoy the whole activity to your heart’s content.
  • Discount - If you decide to acquire your Skydiving in Interlaken tickets online from us, you can also take advantage of the fantastic discounts and special deals. Avoid standing in large lines, and overspending in this way. Ordering online not only ensures you various special deals and great discounts, but also allows you to reserve at your convenience.
  • Inclusions – With this Skydiving in Interlaken online tickets, you will get round-trip transfers from designated meeting points, the skydiving equipment, free WIFI, free parking, you will be able to use your own lockers and restrooms, and an expert tandem master.

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Why Go For Skydiving in Interlaken?

  • In Interlaken, you may go aeroplane skydiving while surrounded by the stunning Swiss Alps.

  • As you jump out of the plane and into the wide sky, experience the rush of excitement for several minutes.

  • Regardless of whether this is your first time skydiving, you will get a complete briefing.

  • Enjoy a 15-minute panoramic flight while the aircraft gains height as you take in Interlaken's natural beauty.

  • At a speed of 200 km/h, freefall from a height of 4,000 metres for about 45 seconds.

  • Take a deep breath as the parachute opens, then enjoy the canopy ride until you land.

  • Experience the panoramic views of the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

  • Easy round-trip transportation from your Interlaken hotel.

  • Both tourists and locals enjoy learning about the experience of skydiving from the highly skilled and welcoming tandem skydiving team.

  • Have the chance to experience the views and excitement of a tandem skydiving over the stunning Bernes Oberland while maintaining the highest levels of safety, comfort, and personalised service.

  • Everyone without the prior experience can do this activity.

  • It is a low-risk sport.

  • Skydive with a welcoming crew who will make you feel at home and welcome you to the group.

Know Before You GO Skydiving In Interlaken

Essential Tips
Other Essential Info
Essential Tips
  • Prior to participating in this adventure activity, it is crucial to understand what to do and what not to do. Therefore, follow the safety recommendations for a relaxing encounter.
  • Make an appointment in advance to secure the best timeslots.
  • Opt for a licenced and knowledgeable company.
  • Before you set off, make sure they are using high-quality safety equipment and that you are buckled up.
  • Observe the instructions given to you by your instructor.
  • Skydive only when the conditions are correct and the weather is good. If there is even the faintest forecast of a weather anomaly, don't wait to cancel.
  • While you're in the air, don't forget to take in the beautiful scenery.
  • The day before your scheduled skydiving, get a good night's sleep so you can enjoy the sport the following day.
  • Be careful not to overeat or deprive yourself before the activity. To appreciate this experience, replenish your energy frequently during the day.
  • Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing, and closed-toed shoes. Carry a pair of gloves if you are skydiving in Interlaken during the winter.

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Is skydiving in Interlaken safe for first timers?

    Yes. Skydiving in Interlaken is safe for the first timers since you will get accompanied by the qualified instructors and cutting-edge equipment will get used during your Interlaken jump, making it a comfortable and safe experience for you.

Do I need any medical certificate for skydiving in Interlaken?

What is the optimum weight limit required for skydiving in Interlaken?

What to wear for skydiving in Interlaken?