Kayaking On Lake Brienz

About Kayaking On Lake Brienz

Experience the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland in total solitude as you paddle across a quiet lake by kayaking on Lake Brienz. You can take your first kayaking lesson right here on Lake Brienz. Lake Brienz, located along the shoreline of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, has become internationally renowned for its mild climate, clear waters, and stunning scenery. It’s also the perfect spot to practice your kayaking skills. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than paddling around the tranquil waters of Lake Brienz, enjoying the incredible views of mountains, valleys, and villages.

There are different types of kayaking tours that you can select from depending on your interests and stamina. Explore the amazing aquatic flora and fauna of Switzerland as you swirl through the peaceful lake, surrounded by lush greenery.Most kayaking tours on Lake Brienz start from the town of Brienz, located on the lake's eastern shore. From here, you can paddle across to the other side of the lake, where you will find the picturesque village of Iseltwald. If you have time, it is worth exploring some of the smaller islands dotted around the lake. One of the best times to try kayaking on Lake Brienz is in the morning hours when the place is less crowded and more peaceful.

Book Kayaking in Interlaken

Booking your Kayaking on Lake Brienz activity online is the most convenient and easy way to confirm your spot. With advance booking you will get the benefit of skipping the long queues at the ticket counter and get direct entry at the activities starting point. Grab various deals and discounts while booking with us and make your trip budget friendly. You can choose from various packages such as a day trip, half-day tour, or multi-day tour, where you can explore the clean and lively aquatic bodies of Switzerland. Select the guided tour with us and get experts help and learn various kayaking techniques before starting your tour.

Kayaking on Lake Brienz Package options

Kayak Tour of the Turquoise Lake Brienz

The turquoise lake of Brienz is the perfect place for a quiet kayak tour, where you can experience the beauty of the alpine lakeside. With this kayaking on Lake Brienz tour you will be able to get some knowledgeable guides. They will take you on a trip down the lake and offer you the opportunity to explore the lake with your own perspective. You can make your trip more adventurous by choosing to paddle down the river, surrounded by a beautiful forest. All the safety equipment will be provided by your tour operator. If you just want to go and explore the lake, you can choose to do a shorter kayak tour and enjoy the beautiful views of the lake.

Winter Kayak Tour of the Turquoise Lake Brienz

Kayaking on Lake Brienz is one of the most beautiful activities which can be performed in winters as well. The lake is dotted with small yet serene islands which you can explore while taking short breaks during your trip. You will be provided with a guide who has been well versed with the surroundings of the forests and river, offering your best experience routes around the lake. All the safety equipment including paddles will be provided to you by the operator as you swirl around the cool breeze and clear water of Lake Brienz. This 6 seater tour is also blessed with exotic views of the Ringgenberg Castle reflected in the crystal clear water of the lake, making your journey magical.

Family-Friendly Kayaking Tour on Lake Brienz

Kayaking is a great way to explore a new region. If you are looking for a family-friendly kayaking on Lake Brienz tour, you can choose from a single-day or multi-day package. There are also rental options, including single-use kayaks, an inflatable kayak and an electric motor kayak. The turquoise blue water of the lake will offer you a serene environment, which can be enjoyed by your whole family. Children from the age of 5 to 15 all can participate in this activity with their whole family. Explore the significant Ringgenberg Castle from a different perspective and gain knowledge about the exotic environment of Lake Brienz through a guide.

Why Go For Kayaking On Lake Brienz

  • Kayaking on Lake Brienz offers a magical view of the famous Ringgenberg Castle.

  • Grab knowledge about the local flora and fauna of the area through your well trained guides.

  • Learn a few tricks about the activity by your instructors before experiencing kayaking on Lake Brienz.

  • Delve in the serene beauty of the lake and the surrounding forest, as you find solace.

  • Choose from a traditional paddle kayak or a modern motorized kayak as you explore the vast Lake Brinze.

  • Kayaking on Lake Brienz is available at all seasons, even in winters, which makes it a popular choice for amazon travelers.

Know Before You Book Kayaking On Lake Brienz

Essential Information
  • Age Limit: Children below 11 years are not allowed.

  • Location: Hightide Kayak School, Lütschinenstrasse 24, 3806 Bönigen, Switzerland

  • A well-trained guide, who will help you explore the best possible routes of kayaking on Lake Brienz.

  • All the required safety equipment along with paddles are included in this tour package.

  • Explore the various small islands surrounding the lake in your kayak tour.

  • Small group of 6 people are included in this kayak tour on Lake Brienz.

  • Admire the mesmerizing view of ancient Ringgenberg Castle from a different perspective.

  • Basic kayak training for beginners are also included along with all the necessary knowledge you need to know about the environment of the lake.

FAQs of Kayaking On Lake Brienz

Is kayaking safe for first-timers?

Yes, kayaking is one of the safest activities for beginners. All first-timers are provided with expert training and safety measures such as life jackets, helmets, etc. which makes it a safe sport.

Do I need to be a good swimmer to kayak on Lake Brienz?

No, but you should take precautions while performing this activity. If you're not a strong swimmer, then you should ask someone to paddle you around, or you could use a flotation device.

What is the optimum weight limit required for Kayaking on Lake Brienz?

The weight limit for kayaking on Lake Brienz is 100 kg, but the recommended weight limit is about 70 kg.

Why is Kayaking on Lake Brienz so famous?

Kayaking on Lake Brienz is famous because it offers some of the most serene views of the Swiss scenery, away from the tourists crowd. Indulge in the profound beauty of Swiss Alps from one of the largest lakes in Europe where one will find solace and peace. This kind of serene relaxation makes this place a famous tourist hotspot.


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