Schynige Platte Overview

Nestled amidst the majestic Bernese Alps in Switzerland, Schynige Platte is a captivating mountain ridge that beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Standing at an elevation of 1,967 meters (6,453 feet), this enchanting destination offers unparalleled vistas of the surrounding peaks, including the renowned Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains. Accessible via a historic cogwheel railway, which has been operational since 1893, Schynige Platte allures visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty and an array of outdoor activities.

The cogwheel train journey to Schynige Platte is a delightful experience in itself. As the charming train slowly ascends through verdant alpine meadows and dense forests, passengers are treated to breathtaking panoramas at every turn. Upon reaching the summit, visitors can embark on a myriad of exploration opportunities. The area boasts an extensive network of hiking trails, catering to all skill levels. Whether you seek a leisurely stroll or a challenging trek, Schynige Platte has something to offer. Nature lovers will also be captivated by the Alpine Garden, a botanical gem near the summit station, housing over 600 species of alpine plants in a meticulously landscaped setting.

Moreover, Schynige Platte boasts a cozy mountain hotel and restaurant, allowing visitors to relish the local Swiss cuisine while savoring the magnificent views. The destination is a paradise for photography enthusiasts, providing countless opportunities to capture awe-inspiring landscapes, vibrant wildflowers, and the possibility of glimpsing wildlife like ibex and chamois. Whether you crave adventure, tranquility, or a blend of both, Schynige Platte promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Things to do in Schynige Platte


Schynige Platte offers an extensive network of hiking trails, allowing visitors to explore the breathtaking alpine landscapes. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a challenging trek, there are options for all skill levels.

Visit the Alpine Garden
Visit the Alpine Garden

Located near the summit station, the Alpine Garden is a must-visit attraction. It showcases a diverse collection of over 600 species of alpine plants, providing a botanical delight amidst the mountain scenery.


Schynige Platte offers endless opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Capture stunning panoramic views of the surrounding peaks, vibrant wildflowers, and perhaps even wildlife such as ibex or chamois.

Enjoy a meal with a view
Enjoy a meal with a view

Indulge in the local Swiss cuisine at the mountain hotel and restaurant in Schynige Platte. Savor delicious dishes while soaking in the magnificent vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Experience the cogwheel train journey
Experience the cogwheel train journey

Embark on a memorable ride aboard the historic cogwheel railway that takes you to Schynige Platte. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes as the train ascends through alpine meadows and forests.

Take in the views
Take in the views

Simply immerse yourself in the beauty of Schynige Platte. Find a peaceful spot, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and admire the panoramic views of the Bernese Alps. It's an ideal place to unwind, connect with nature, and rejuvenate the mind and soul.

History of Schynige Platte

  • Schynige Platte has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century.
  • In 1893, the cogwheel railway, known as the Schynige Platte Railway, was constructed to provide access to the mountain ridge.
  • The railway was initially built for transportation purposes, allowing locals and tourists to reach Schynige Platte more easily.
  • The construction of the railway was a remarkable engineering feat, overcoming the challenging terrain of the Bernese Alps.
  • The cogwheel railway has maintained its original charm and character, with vintage-style carriages and an authentic mountain railway experience.
  • Over the years, Schynige Platte has become a popular tourist destination, attracting nature lovers, hikers, and photography enthusiasts.
  • The mountain ridge and its surroundings have remained relatively untouched, preserving its natural beauty and allure.
  • Today, Schynige Platte continues to captivate visitors with its stunning vistas, alpine flora, and opportunities for outdoor exploration.
  • It stands as a testament to the region's commitment to preserving its natural heritage and offering a unique mountain experience.


What is the elevation of Schynige Platte?

    Schynige Platte stands at an elevation of 1,967 meters (6,453 feet).

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