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Enchant yourself by the stupefying sights of snow bathed mountains from this Swiss Resort with your Harder Kulm tickets. This is an absolute paradise for hikers and those visitors looking for some of the most spectacular views of the famous peaks in Switzerland like the Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau.Embark on the 10-minute long funicular on the Harder Railway to your destination perched at a height of almost 1322 meters above sea level. The large windows and glass roof of your carriage offer exceptional views of the entire Interlaken area. Take a closer look at the quaint mountain town nestled cozily between the lakes Brienz and Thun that glisten down below as you stand on the famous Two Lakes Bridge. Satiate your hunger pangs after the steep ascent and sightseeing at the revolving restaurant on the summit that serves a delectable local spread and offers striking views of the Bernese Alps.

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Book your Harder Kulm tickets online for an enhanced experience amid breathtaking mountains. Make your trip to this quiet Alpine landscape absolutely hassle free and simple by booking your tickets from the comforts of your home and avoid having to stand in long queues at the counters. This way, you can also gain an early access and thus save much time that you then spend enjoying the spectacular natural beauty of Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, the Swiss peaks of Eigher, Monch, Jungfrau, and much more. Moreover, when you book your tickets online you can also enjoy the best Harder Kulm ticket price along with great deals and offers.

Why to Book Harder Kulm Tickets Online?

Why to Book Harder Kulm Tickets Online?
  • Skip the Tickets Line

Book your Harder Kulm tickets online and avoid having to stand in long queues at the counter amid large crowds. Make the experience absolutely easy and comfortable as you can enjoy direct access into your ride and thus save much time that you can now spend enjoying the mesmerizing vistas of the majestic Alps.

  • Convenience

Enjoy making your reservations from the comforts of your home, office, or even when on the move by choosing to book your Harder Kulm tickets online. This will also save you a lot of vacation time that you would have otherwise spent standing and waiting in long queues. Besides, you can enjoy guaranteed access on the day of your preference, which makes planning with friends and family very easy.

  • Early Access

Get an early access by booking the Harder Kulm tickets online and enjoy much lesser crowds during this time. You can spend hours amid the breathtaking surroundings of the picturesque mountains and lakes in relative peace and quiet before the advent of the majority of the visitors.

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Highlights of Harder Kulm Tickets

Highlights of  Harder Kulm Tickets
  • Soar up to a height of almost 1,322 meters above sea level to catch breathtaking sights of the mountainous landscape from your vantage point.

  • Take a fun ride on the funicular trains that come with large windows and glass ceilings to give you mesmerizing views of the surrounding vistas.

  • Witness the glittering lakes of Brienz and Thun under your feet as you stand on the Two Lakes Bridge and gaze down.

  • Enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the setting sun against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps and listen to an enchanting performance of Swiss folk music playing in the distance.

Best Things To Do In Harder Kulm

Harder Kulm Hiking
Harder Kulm Hiking

Also known as a hiker’s paradise, Harder Kulm offers some of the most exotic trails amid scenic vistas. You can opt for one of several hiking trails such as the Interlaken to Harder Kulm trail, Elfenweg, Harder Kulm to Augstmatthorn, and Harder Kulm to Ringgenberg. The trails are all well marked and range from simple and leisurely to more difficult and rigorous treks. The Elfenweg trail is particularly popular especially among families and children for its picturesque landscapes through the forests. For more experienced hikers looking for some adventure and thrill, the Harder Kulm to Augstmatthorn involves a steep ridge walk along on the Brienzer Grat.

 Two-lakes Bridge
Two-lakes Bridge

Stand atop this excellent vantage point that offers exquisite panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The Two Lakes Bridge located near the mountain top restaurant at Harder Kulm is a popular attraction that was built around a decade ago. You can click some of the most brilliant shots from this point and gaze upon two beautiful lakes glistening below. On the right is the Lake Thun while Lake Brienz is on the left with the Interlaken tucked in the middle. You can also enjoy views of the Swiss peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau from here especially against a setting sun, which makes the entire scene absolutely phenomenal.

Swiss Folklore Show
Swiss Folklore Show

The Harder Klum is often dubbed as a paradise in the mountains and transforms into a stage during the summer months. If you are here during the season that runs from May through October, you can witness an entertaining show of Swiss folklore performed here complete with music and dance. Become a part of this fun atmosphere and enjoy free alphorn and yodeller concerts with the Alps glowing in the background. Witnessing this unique Swiss tradition on Interlaken’s local mountain is as much a part of your mountain tour as the scenic views.

Restaurant Harder Kulm
Restaurant Harder Kulm

This beautiful revolving restaurant perched at the summit at Harder Klum gives the impression of a picturesque castle against a mesmerizing backdrop. Visit this exotic outlet that offers some of the most delectable local fare for which is well known throughout the country. Some of the cuisines that you can enjoy at this restaurant are Swiss, Central European, European, and Arabic which are served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, as well as dinner. A unique way to enjoy the scrumptious food here along with the marvelous views is by seating on the outdoor terrace especially around sunset.

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What is Harder Kulm so famous for?

    Harder Kulm is best known for the magnificent views that it offers of Lake Thun, Lake Brienz and the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks. It in Interlaken’s local mountain and one of its best vantage points standing at a height of almost 1,322 meters above sea level. The revolving restaurant at its summit is also extremely famous for its breathtaking views and scrumptious cuisines.

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