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Why To Visit Interlaken

Interlaken translates to 'Between the Lakes' and it is a beautiful piece of land sitting surrounded by the snow capped Alps with views that are simply unparalleled. From adventurous sports to the stunningly pretty lakes, fun activities to breathtaking sceneries, the city of Interlaken has it all.

Visit Interlaken and use your Interlaken Pass to enjoy various activities, experiences and day trips in and around Interlaken. You can indulge in adrenaline pumping activities, with numerous Adventure Sports such as hiking, kayaking, hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving, canoeing, rafting and bungee jumping. Or just get some peaceful moments with yourself while gazing upon the picturesque scenery surrounding the city.

Not to forget the entire country of Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and cheese and it wouldn't be fair to not try some whilst you are here. Boat trips on the Lake Thun or riding a steamer in the lake Brienz are a must while you are in the city, loading up on souvenirs from the city's marketplace is also one of the things that you should not miss. Don't be fooled by the size of the city, it has numerous experiences hiding within itself waiting to be discovered. All in all, Interlaken has much to offer when it comes to making your vacation a fun, memorable and exciting adventure.

Top Experiences In Interlaken

There are many experiences in Interlaken that you can indulge in using the benefits of your Interlaken Pass. If you are looking for adventure then enjoy a rafting experience on the Simme River which is a class 3 category river. Discover the beauty of Interlaken and the majestic mountains beyond from above by indulging in a tandem paragliding experience. Take in the views of Jungfrau, Mönch, Eiger, the twin lakes of Thun and Brienz as you glide over the city.

Interlaken is a thrill seeker's Heaven and the Helicopter skydiving experience takes your taste for adventure to a whole new level. Soar 14,000 feet above the sea level and dive into the clear blue sky. Get your adrenaline pumping with an exhilarating Canyon Swing ride as you dive into the Gorge of the Grindelwald glacier from a platform which is 295 feet above sea level.

Day Trips From Interlaken

Several day trips are available from Interlaken that you can indulge in with your Interlaken travel pass. There are many breathtakingly beautiful places you can visit near Interlaken where you can enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking, boating, biking, paragliding, skydiving and many others.

With your Interlaken Pass you can choose a day trip to Grindelwald and enjoy hiking, skiing and walking tours of this beautiful ski resort town. From Milan you can board the Green Train of the Alps and enjoy the stunning scenery as you travel to Interlaken. Indulge in an exciting round trip from Interlaken to Harder Kulm, ride the funicular to the top and enjoy the views, visit the Two Lakes Bridge and take in a spectacular sunset from Harder Kulm. Visit the highest railway in Europe with a trip to Jungfraujoch from Interlaken. Take in the views from the Sphinx Observatory, marvel at the ice sculptures in the Ice Palace and shop for some Lindt chocolates on your day trips.

Plan Your Visit to Interlaken

Essential Information
Getting Around & Areas
  • How To Reach Interlaken :

1. By Train: You can reach Interlaken by railway from many major cities of Switzerland such as Lucerne, Bern and Zurich. Your train trip from Lucerne will take you approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes while the trains from Zurich and Bern will take 2 hours and 50 minutes respectively. You can use your Interlaken Pass to enjoy several travel benefits and trips to and from Interlaken.

2. By Road: You can rent a car from any of the cities around Interlaken and drive while taking in the marvelous scenery from your surroundings.

Best Time to Visit Interlaken:

The best time to visit Interlaken is during the months of June through October as the weather then is warm and most of the outdoor activities are available such as hiking, sailing, rock climbing, etc. During winters the weather drops to below freezing temperatures and the crowds are definitely thinner, but this time is perfect for you if you like freezing Christmas and loads of mulled wine with the famous Swiss Chocolate and Cheese.

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  • Getting Around in Interlaken:

1. By taxi: Taxis in the city of Interlaken can be a little expensive if you have a budget to stick to. The starting fare of a taxi is 8 CHF and 4 CHF per km.

2. By Bike: You can easily rent a bike and ride though the city without much effort as the city is really small and easy to travel through via bike.

3. By bus: You can visit many places around Interlaken by taking a bus. Find out about the different bus routes from your hotel and you can even use your Interlaken travel pass to get around Interlaken.

  • Best Areas to Stay in Interlaken:

If you wish to stay right in the city center where you are close to basic conveniences and city attractions then Interlaken city center is the best option for you. However, if you wish to explore Interlaken and nearby towns then Interlaken OST is the best option. You can use your Interlaken Pass to get around and enjoy day trips to places like Grindelwald, Jungfraujoch, etc.

Tips to Visit Interlaken

  • You can rent a room in a local household using the services of Couchsurfing. This is not luxurious but you can save money to be able to spend it on something else.
  • Walk around the city and avoid taking any transportation as it is really expensive and not at all necessary seeing that the city is small enough to explore by walking.
  • Visit in summer months to take advantage of all the free activities the city has to offer. Switzerland is a very expensive place and by visiting during summers you can save a lot of money.
  • Cook your own meals as eating outside might be a very expensive experience.
  • Drinking here is extremely expensive and it is best to either limit your drinking or to not drink at all while you are here.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to save yourself from buying water and saving the city from excess plastic, drinkable water comes from taps and fountains in the city making it a waste of money to buy water.

Know Before You Go to Interlaken

  • Weather: The weather in the Interlaken drops well below freezing temperatures during winters and almost all the tours are closed during this time. During summers the weather varies from 13° Celsius to 23° Celsius and is good to tour museums and for indoor activities while the Autumn which is from September to November and Spring months which is from March to May are the perfect times to visit as all the attractions and activities are open and the city is bathed in the surreal weather.
  • Language: German is the most commonly spoken language in Interlaken but the locals also speak a little French and English. So even if the only language you speak is English you should have no trouble at all communicating in Interlaken.
  • Time Zone: Interlaken lies in the Central European Time Zone.
  • Budget: The budget of your trip can be easily determined by how you want to tour this place, if you want to backpack through the city you will need to set aside approximately 95 CHF per day while if you want a mid range tour with basic amenities and transportation it is best to allot 205 CHF per day. A luxurious trip will require you to set aside 410 to 460 CHF for each day of your trip. Plan your trip according to how much you can afford.
  • Currency: The Swiss Franc (CHF) is used in the city of Interlaken, the banknotes are divided in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1,000. The coins worth 5 cents, 10 cents and 20 cents are in circulation currently.
  • Visa: If you have a US Tourist Passport then you don't require a visa to enter Switzerland for 80 days, but if you intend to extend your stay you will need a visa. It is best to have a Schengen visa if you are visiting Switzerland especially if you are from a different continent.

FAQs for Interlaken Pass

How many days is enough to see Interlaken?

You can tour the Interlaken in one day if you rush but if your intention is to take your time and not miss anything including a boat ride on the Interlaken itself then 2 to 3 days should suffice.

What is the best time to visit Interlaken?

The best time to visit the city of Interlaken is May to June but Interlaken can be visited anytime of the year. If you like snowy Christmas and skiing then winter is the time to visit but if you want to go hiking, boating or another outdoor activity then it is best to come during Spring or Autumn seasons.

What are the best things to do in Interlaken?

You can do many things in the city of Interlaken such as Paragliding, Skydiving, Bungee jumping, river rafting, kayaking, etc. You can also go for a walk through the city or join in the season's Festival.

Why should I book Interlaken Experience online?

By booking online you will get the best out of your trip whether it be cheaper and quicker booking or the availability of many activities that cannot be accessed all year round. Online booking will also provide additional offers and discounts during the process of booking.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the day trips in Interlaken?

Yes, there are several discounts you can avail off especially if you are booking your trip online. Get your Interlaken city pass and enjoy benefits and discounts in transportation and many others on your trip.

Is Interlaken expensive?

Interlaken is definitely not an inexpensive place but there are many ways in which you can enjoy your vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. You can definitely cut down your travel and getting-around costs with your Interlaken city pass.


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